Christine Chang


Ian Tang

Christine Chang and Ian Tang

Our Story


Christine's POV:
All I wanted to do was go home and sleep. My friends and I had just eaten all you can eat hot pot dinner, so my stomach was full of liquid and my hair reeked of cooked meat. But we ended up going to McTeague's (a bar on Polk Street in SF), where one of my friends was meeting up with a guy she had just recently started dating there. With my friend preoccupied, I had nothing better to do but kill time by talking to the friend this guy had brought along. His name was Ian. After chatting about 10 minutes, without leaving much of an impression on either side, we each went on our own separate way.

Ian's POV:
I was emotionally drained from Oregon's 45-point drubbing of my Cal Bears. The last thing I wanted to do was to extend the night by driving into the city. But when one of your single bros who isn’t into the bar scene DEMANDS that we hit up McTeague’s, you know what’s up, and you bring your wingman helmet (OK, I just kept my Cal shirt on). Upon arrival, though, I was quickly left alone, so took advantage and chatted up the cute friend of the girl my friend was going after. Her name’s Christine. After a short while (definitely longer than 10 minutes, c’mon), we left the bar without her number. Fail.


Christine's POV:
That morning, I was in a glum mood. Ian was leaving for Shanghai that night. We were into month 5 of our “long-distance relationship” (Ian was traveling back and forth between Shanghai and San Francisco before I’d join him there in October), and I was getting anxious (read: annoyed) that he hadn’t popped the question yet. There had been some pretty good opportunities earlier in the year -- romantic sunset hike along the Batteries to Bluffs Trail, weekend getaway to Monterey and Big Sur, hiking the coastal trail in San Diego…but came up emptyhanded each time. Little did I know it’s because Ian had been planning something epic! I was hoping to do something post-brunch with my friends, but they both had plans (though they were vague about it). I then noticed a few missed calls/texts from my mom, to tell me she was locked out of my apartment. Only later did I learn it was all a ploy orchestrated by Ian…all of them were in on it, my mom wasn’t actually locked out, my friends didn’t actually have plans, Ian had asked them to do whatever they could to get me home by a certain time! Eventually at home, I discovered a hidden cell phone that starting ringing the Game of Thrones theme song…the Three-Eyed Raven was calling! The Caller ID even had a photo of the character from the TV show, but under the photo was listed the actual number…which I immediately recognized! For all of Ian’s detailed planning, he forgot that I have his number memorized. At that point, the jig was up, and I had a pretty good idea what was about to happen…but I went along with Ian’s elaborately planned (and nerdy) scavenger hunt across San Francisco, re-visiting places we’d gone to on a date, with one of his friends waiting at each spot dressed in character to give me my next clue. A few hours later, I found Ian waiting for me at the bar we first met, where he got down on one knee. I naturally said yes!

Ian's POV:
Christine made no secret that she was expecting my proposal to be memorable because I'd kept her waiting. Gulp. Luckily, my brainstorming sessions with the crew produced one clear winning idea: Game of Thrones scavenger hunt. Costumes. Real-life and Westeros locations. YES! (Translation: excuses to rewatch clips.) I then also knew immediately where this would end - McTeague's. What I didn't know was how hard it was to get Christine to finish brunch and go home to start the "quest" that day! So I called in the MVP - Christine's mom. Mrs. Chang was totally cool and successfully summoned her daughter by claiming she got locked out. Three hours, six locations, and countless weird looks later, Christine, in a crazy wig and "Khaleesi" shirt, said yes. Best day of my life (so far)!
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